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Project ideas for the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020 can no longer be submitted or edited on this website. Starting 27 April 2015, project ideas can be submitted through our new online system. Please keep an eye on our website for further information.

Below is an overview of project ideas submitted for the 2014 - 2020 programme untill 20 April 2015.

Last submitted Project Ideas
VB Project Idea
VB Reducing traffic through shift in driving behavior and use of alternative transportation
Sustainable soils by using compost
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Table of Project Ideas
Project idea VB SCART
Sustainable soils by using compost
VB Farms as educative environment : exploring new potentialities
Designcenter(s) Ghent & NSR,a catalyst, incubator, facilitator, inspirer & matchmaker for a creative and entrepreneurial Cities in the NSR
VB Advice and exchange of knowledge for pig farmers
VB All Ashore ®
VB Crafts, Innovation & Sustainability
VB From a cost-centred to a human-centred healthcare
VB Futufish
VB Healthy Ageing
VB Oil spill in the North Sea Region
VB Project Idea - Fit 4 Sustainable Employability
VB Project Idea - NRS ZERO-G Innovation network
VB Project Idea Golden Corridors
VB Project Idea Smart specialisation strategies – unlocking the urban-rural potential for regional innovation via transnational cluster cooperation
VB project idea Soft Landing for SMEs in The North Sea Region
VB Project In For Care
VB Societal and Technological Innovations at Urban and Peripherial Region
VB Talent development for young people
Priority 1(VB) - Thinking Growth: Supporting growth in North Sea Region economies
Brightfields for Communities
Communities for Sustainability
Green Economy Project
VB Energy Sustainable Communities
VB Innovative Solutions for Maintenance of Offshore Wind
VB Project Idea
VB project idea BIOBRIDGE - Building bridges for a green economy
VB Project Idea BIOCAS100%
VB Project idea Ecosystem Aware Sustainable Economy
VB Project idea: EcoContainer for the North Sea
VB Project idea: Recu-P-drain
VB Project Idea: The North Sea Energetic City (NORSE)
VB Schools and Covenant of Mayors
VB SEEV4-City. Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles 4 the City
VB Sustainable (new) SME's
VB Sustainable Education Academy for Companies
Priority 2(VB) - Eco-innovation: Stimulating the green economy
Blue Green Infrastructure through Social Innovation
North Sea Plan
VB Better Wetter
VB Better Wetter for climate adaptation
VB Building with Nature
VB Climate Active City (urban water management)
VB Climate Impact Actions (CIA)
VB FAIR (Flood Infrastructure Asset management & Investment in Renovation, adaptation, optimisation and maintenance)
VB Lively Lake! Watermanagement
VB Project Idea - Brownfield4Biodiversity
VB project idea Virtual Design Lab
VB Project Idea: Balancing the multifunctional role of fen landscapes
VB Project Idea: Stimulating sustainability in North Sea fisheries
VB Project Idea: Transnational Port Cooperation Improving Coastal Bird Resilience
VB SEES the Future: An innovative approach towards Social, Ecological and Economical Sustainability of natural landscapes
VB Vlaamse Baaien
VB WATER PASSPORT - facing heavy rain water
Win-Win Wetlands
Priority 3(VB) - Sustainable North Sea Region: Protecting against climate change and preserving the environment
5B project idea: #IWS, development of smaller inland waterway solutions
DUAL Ports
VB Connect NSR
VB Fuel cell range extended electric vehicle van for zero emission deliveries
VB Intermodal HCT cargo carriers sea-railroad
VB Project idea Goods Trasport in the North Sea region: Present and future effects on human health and the environment.
VB Project Idea: Joint cooperation of small and medium sized cruise ports in the North Sea Region
VB project idea: Public Transport in Rural Areas
VB Project Idea: Regional Freight Transport Solutions Information Portal
VB Reducing traffic through shift in driving behavior and use of alternative transportation
Priority 4(VB) - Promoting green transport and mobility
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