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Communities for Sustainability


The overdependence on fossil fuels and inefficient use of raw materials are threatening both – the economy, as well as our environment, contributing to climate change (EC: Europe 2020 Strategy).

These two challenges and our responses to mitigate against them, will define the future of the NSR (North Sea Region). At the same time, new opportunities will emerge from the solutions we create.

In recognition that social partners are fundamental partners in implementing Europe 2020 strategies (European Economic and Social Committee: opinion on "Strengthening the participatory processes and the involvement of local authorities, NGOs and the social partners in the implementation of Europe 2020"), our project will support sustainable growth of local communities within the NSR through exploring how NGOs and community groups can contribute to sustainable development of the North Sea Region.

The current North Sea Region Programme outlines several important challenges the NSR faces:

-          Too many jobs generated since the economic crisis have been in the low paid segments of the economy, this factor is sometimes more important in contributing to lower levels of GDP than unemployment.

-          Very high per capita levels of Greenhouse Gas emission  

-          The NSR does not meet the Europe 2020 energy efficiency targets

-          There is an acute need to scale back resources to a sustainable level

Our project stems from the need to include civil society (NGO) and the wider community in tackling those challenges through a framework of structured, distinct but interconnected interventions.

There is need for NGOs to be involved in delivering the NRS programme agenda, and the overarching Europe 2020 agenda, as they are equipped to reach members of the local communities they operate in. 


Northumberland and Tyne and Wear
14 Foyle Street

United Kingdom

Michal Chantkowski

Tel: +447926984180

Central Aim

To stimulate resources efficiency and energy generation in a community (NGO) context

To learn how barriers to energy generation and resource efficiency can be overcome in different NSR countries 


Envisaged Output

-          Upscalable models for behavioural change and awareness raising in community energy generation and resource efficiency [e.g. through schemes such as collaborative buying of efficiency materials, heat camera hire]

-          Individuals in green sector jobs and training


-          Energy generated from renewable sources through community schemes



-          Greenhouse emission savings created 


Partners Found Already

International Community Organisation of Sunderland

Community Energy England (Northern Region)

Durham University 


Partners Sought

Partners with experience of engaging communities in resource efficiency and energy generation

Educational providers able to deliver training 


Estimated Budget
3 500 000

Thematic Keywords
Energy efficiency, energy generation, community initiatives, NGOs, behavioural change

Lead Beneficiary

14 April 2015

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