Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

In compliance with the EC Directive concerning Strategic Environmental Assessment 2001/42/EC (SEA Directive) an Environmental Report has been drafted that follows the SEA scoping report issued in June 2006, where the environmental issues, objectives and indicators relevant for the environmental assessment are identified. The scoping report was submitted to the national environmental authorities in the countries under the North Sea Region Programme for comments.

A non-technical summary of the SEA report on the NSR Operational Programme was required by the SEA Directive 2001/42/EC. It was annexed to the Operational Programme at submission to the European Commission. You can download it from the download section on the bottom of this page.
The full SEA report is available at the Programme Secretariat.

Environmental considerations have been integrated into the Operational Programme. The recommendations will continue to be taken into account during the implementation of the Programme, i.e. in the formulation of selection criteria and the monitoring of project implementation. The likely environmental effects of project activities will form part of the overall continuous project monitoring methodology.

The measures decided concerning monitoring have been integrated in the Operational Programme in the chapters describing the joint transnational strategy and the administration, implementation and financial arrangements.


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