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Boat life is traditionally male dominated. SMTF successfully completed All Aboard with its main theme that leisure boats often not are designed from the wishes or demands of important target groups like children, women or disabled. All Ashore takes the concept of gender and equal access on land. Even leisure ports do have the tendency to follow this male perspective with shops particularly for the boat interested, with a port design that allows storage and maintenance of leisure boats, that has technical facilities for fuel. Main challenge is how to create a leisure port that includes in stead of being excluding and exclusive. 

Swedish Maritime Technical Forum (SMTF) Region Västra Götaland Sweden



Dirk Harmsen

Tel: 0046 705144977

Central Aim

The main focus of All Ashore is to transform existing leisure ports into attractive meeting places for a wide range of port users. It includes better access of the port area for specific target groups like disabled as much as better access of land facilities and potential tourism sites in and around a leisure port for any visitor. Emphasis lies on the gender perspective and the question how to create business opportunities for others than the traditional.

Envisaged Output

 The creation of a leisure port that has an inclusive service function for non-traditional target groups (children, women, immigrants), that is easy accesible and that is able to respond to changing habits and trends in tourism. 

New business opportunities favouring gender and etnicity.

A future for traditional boat related SME's that tend to be owned and driven by the older generation and where often the succession to the younger generation is a problem.

Partners Found Already

A first presentation was held in Aberdeen in June 2014 at the NSC annual. Interest from the Netherlands, Danmark and Norway.

Partners Sought

Preferably partners that work with employment opportunities for women, youngsters and immigrants.

Estimated Budget
to be discussed

Thematic Keywords
1. accessibility for all 2. gender perspective 3. multi cultural 4. transition of traditional leisure ports 5. multi functional

Lead Beneficiary

03 September 2014

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