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18 May 2015

Visit new website for latest news

The website for the 2014 - 2020 programming period is now launched. Please visit for the latest programme news.

21 April 2015

Record number of project ideas submitted

20 April marked the deadline for submission of project ideas for project developers interested in a feedback session with secretariat staff. The turnout of 81 ideas submitted was the best in programme history. 

20 April 2015

Great interest in the North Sea Conference 2015

Three weeks after registration opened, 170+ participants have already signed up for our annual conference in Assen, the Netherlands, 16 - 18 June. Join us by signing up today.

Latest Project News

15 December 2014

The ITRACT project is moving forward with great success

The ITRACT project is making very good progress. The project is focusing on  sustainable business models on Intelligent Transport Systems. Part of the project is the development and use of novel ICT applications. The project has come up with a whole range of different apps and innovations to improve the connectivity and accessibility of remote areas in the North Sea Region.

11 December 2014

Introducing the extension of the e-harbours programme

Three harbour cities from different European countries investigate the possibilities to broaden the base for smart energy solutions by building coalitions with local stakeholders

08 December 2014

Final Conference Opening Up

On 2-3 December the Final Conference of the Opening Up project was organised in Brussels, and it was success. Over 160 people attended the two-days conference. 


Project Ideas

The first step towards a project under the IVB North Sea Region Programme is to develop the idea and concept behind it. Visit the Project Idea Section of the website to view and submit project ideas. There are currently 70 ideas submitted.

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