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VB WATER PASSPORT - facing heavy rain water


In the context of climate change and resulting increasing amount of rain water, both annual quantities and storm water situations, there is a high importance of strategies to reduce the amount of rain water which has to be handled by sewage systems.

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Jan Gerbitz

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Central Aim

Central aim is to encourage estate owners to realize solutions to reduce the amount of discharged rain water and to increase the storage capacities. Therefore, the Hamburg concept is to calculate the charge for the use of the sewage and sewer system depending on the storage capacities on roofs and on the ground and the sealed land area.

To inform the estate owners and to estimate the storage concepts and capacities, a concept for a WATER PASSPORT will be developed consisting of a checklist with main elements of a sustainable rain water management.

Envisaged Output

The WATER PASSPORT detects potentials of

  • green roofs
  • ground shaping
  • infiltration
  • storage capacities and
  • rain water use

and provides solutions for concept realizations.

The WATER PASSPORT supports the information of estate owners and the planning and implementation of concepts.

Partners Found Already
  • Hamburg Ministry of Urban Planning and the Environment / Environmental Department
  • Hamburg Water Company
  • Hafencity University Hamburg
  • Engineering Companies like ZEBAU and D&R

Partners Sought
  • Municipal Administration
  • Municipal Water and Sewage Companies
  • Universities and Research Companies
  • Related Producing Companies

Estimated Budget
2 Mio.

Thematic Keywords
Rain Water, Sewer System

Lead Beneficiary

17 September 2014

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