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VB Climate Active City (urban water management)


The most serious threat facing the North Sea Region’s (NSR) ecosystem is climate change. Severe weather events (heavy rainfall, rising temperature) are becoming increasingly common in the NSR. In this content we want to demonstrate a smart and innovative concept called: Climate Active City (CAC). This concept includes the combination of the following aspects to protect an urban area of climate change:

  1. Mitigation; measures that contributes to climate change mitigation
  2. Adaption; measures to reduce the impact of climate change
  3. Spatial quality; make the environment more sustainable and liveable
  4. Water management policy; more space for water in the urban areas

CAC is a concept to protect an urban area against climate change an preserving the urban area. It is a concept with a bottom-up approach and in close cooperation with different parties, like citizens, companies and research institutions.  Climate active city must be a movement for urban areas to cooperate and learn from each other about climate change.
At the end of this project each city has made a step forward to a climate-resilient city.

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Piet van Erp

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Central Aim

Realizing a blueprint for Climate active cities in Europe

Exchange of knowledge about CAC and demonstrations of new urban planning and infrastructure approaches to improve resilience.

Envisaged Output

A proven concept with concrete tools to protect urban areas against climate change and preserving the environment.

A sustainable and liveable city with a good governance of climate change and
water management.

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United Kingdom


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Estimated Budget
€ 8.000.000

Thematic Keywords
Climate active city, new urban planning, sustainability, innovative climate solution, resilience

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