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The experience economy in the North Sea has huge potential for creating jobs and new businesses. At the same time the business sectors in the experience economy have challenges concerning low competitiveness and limited capacity for exploitation of new technology and innovation.


The project aim is to develop new models that will stimulate to technology transfer and innovation into the sectors in the experience economy. The thematic focus in this project is put on:

1. Marketing innovation (WP2)

2. Infrastructure innovation (WP3)

3. Services innovation (WP4)


The chosen approach is to develop 3 pilots in each of the 3 focus areas through a model concerning solution design, prototype development and testing of new technologies. The pilots will be made concrete through transnational dialogue meetings, speed dates and technology labs between businesses in the experience sector and tech firms.  

Ryfylke IKS
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Inge Håvard Aarskog

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Central Aim

Enhance regional innovation support through develop new models for technology transfer that will stimulate to innovation and better competiveness of the businesses in the experience economy.


The technology transfer process will be based on the pre commercial procurement process where technology intensive businesses (supplier) from e.g the gaming industry, ict sectors and app developers will be invited to businesses in the experience economy (costumers) to the following process: 

Phase 0: Curiosity driven "Research": Dialogue meetings and speed dates between customers and tech suppliers. Each supplier will be invited to deliver solutions for the costumer

Objective: Is to unlock the needs of the customers and identify what the suppliers in the market can offer.


Phase 1: Solution design: Tech labs where the suppliers with the chosen solutions from the phase 0 will meet the customers to developed and design the solutions.

Objective: Is to design solutions that could be developed to prototypes.


Phase 2: Prototype development: The customer and supplier develop prototypes of the best solutions designed in phase 1.

Objective: Develop prototypes that could be tested out in real life.


Phase 3: Testing: The best solutions from the phase 2 will be tested out in "real life"

Objective: Make developed solutions market ready.


For a description of the process se the attached figure (will be put in later).

Envisaged Output

Capacity of authorities / practitioners to increase the scope and quality of innovation in enterprises

- Better competence of the needs for technology development in the experience sector

- Better understanding of the markets opportunities for tech firms


Number of improved or new innovation support measures launched for businesses

- Tested models for technology development and technology transfer

- 9 new market ready solutions developed

Partners Found Already

Norway: Ryfylke IKS (Lead), Destination Ryfylke, Rogaland County Council, Fjellregionen (The Mountainregion), Østfold County Council, Visit Østfold/Visit Oslofjord

Scotland:Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, University of St Andrews

England: University of Derby (TBC), University of Wolverhampton

Netherlands: Province of Fryslan

Germany: Seehafenstadt Emden / City of Emden, Bremerhaven Tourist Board, City of Bremerhaven

Partners Sought

We are looking for businesses in the experience sector that can piloting/test out technological solutions and technical businesses/firms, universities 

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