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VB Better Wetter


Climate change is one of the most urgent topics to focus on. The problem is twofold: periods of either flood risk or extreme drought. Both result in loss of natural and ecological values and in the longer term in loss of income sources. Thus, both compel to find innovative approaches to water management, in combination with new business concepts and earning models. 

Sabine Lutz

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Central Aim

There are two approaches to tackle climate change: mitigation and adaptation Better Wetter is about adaption. It will find and valorise new approaches to land and water use, balancing both ecology and economy. Main question to be answered: how to match water retention and economic development? 

Envisaged Output

The output is twofold:

[1] Pilot projects carried out in wetland areas for testing of

  • new water crops
  • bio-based products and production approaches
  • other products and services in wetland agriculture, tourism or other industries

[2] Sustainable business models developed whilst developing a sustainable and climate proof landscape. Most relevant keyword here is economy in the sustainable landscape. All solutions are expected to contribute to sustainable regional development, taking into account climate adaptation, ecology and biodiversity. 

Partners Found Already

Netherlands, Germany and Sweden

Partners Sought

UK, Denmark, Belgium

Estimated Budget
10.000.000 (for a period of 4 years)

Thematic Keywords
Climate adaptation, water management, flood and drought prevention, ecology, biodiversity, economy, sustainable business models, new wetland crops, wetland products, new wetland services

Lead Beneficiary

02 March 2015

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