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Changing practices of companies and consumers is the key to a greener North Sea Region. Therefore, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society – is an essential factor to stimulate a green economy. However, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often lack strategy capacity and methodological knowledge as well as awareness, to act sustainably in the everyday business. The North Sea Region could significantly improve its environmental balance through greening methods and at the same time increase its competitiveness and innovation capacity if stronger implementing and communicating CSR in SMEs. Furthermore, disseminating these activities by multipliers creates learning and demonstration effects that will raise awareness in public and the business sector. Thus, the project deals with activating SMEs to implement sustainability via the innovative way of involving pupils and students where possible.


University of Kiel, Department of Geography
Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 14


Lars Schieber

Tel: +49 (40) 657 903 78

Central Aim

The main objective of the project is to apply and disseminate greening methods for SMEs in the North Sea Region, in order to increase their sustainability as well as their business growth opportunities. Therefore, CSR and greening strategies will be developed, imple­mented and communicated in small and medium enter­prises with professional support. Another objective is to influence the acting decisions of citizens and companies via collaborating with multipliers such as pupils and students in developing and spreading the CSR processes.

Envisaged Output

- five SMEs supported in each partner region (local sustainability groups) to develop and implement a CSR strategy via project-funded external experts with a special focus in greening (e.g. recycling, greater use of renewable energies, sustain­able transport, eco-innovation along the value chain)

- in each local sustainability group pupils and students firstly assist in developing aspects of the CSR strategies and secondly function as local ambassadors and promote sustainable behavior

- dissemination of these processes via events, multimedia contents and further stakeholders (e.g. chambers, business development organisations, universities) to inspire other SMEs to follow suit

- integration of the findings into education plans (school/academic) to raise awareness and create action orientation towards a sustainable North Sea Region

- transnational development of creative ways to involve multipliers and educational providers to activate pupils and students

transnational exchange innovative approaches of activating SMEs and stakeholders and share good practices in developing and applying CSR practices and greening methods in SMEs in different industries

Partners Found Already

Networking organisations for the business sector as well as for the field of CSR/sustainability from Denmark, Germany, UK and the Netherlands are commited to particiapte. Universities and schools from UK and Germany are also found and ready to activate pupils and students.

Partners Sought

1. organisations networking in the business sector in order to activate SMEs (e.g. chambers, business development agencies, cluster managements)

2. organisations operating in the field of CSR/ sustainability for SMEs

3. organisations being able to activate pupils or students to engage in local/regional support processes for greening methods and CSR strategies in SMEs

All partners should integrate a local/regional communication partner in their "local sustainability groups".

Estimated Budget

Thematic Keywords
Reduce carbon emissions, Promoting green economic activity, Awareness raising, Growth and jobs, Training and education

Lead Beneficiary

20 April 2015

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