30 June 2015
New teaching resource for sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage

The Wadden Sea along the North Sea coast is a worldwide unique nature area and at the same time a popular holiday destinations. Which role does the nature - protected as National Park and recognized as World Heritage Site – play for the tourism sector? What does the tourism mean as economic factor in the region and for the life of the local population? And how can nature conservation and tourism go “hand in hand” and benefit from each other?

The “World Heritage Teaching Kit – Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea” deals with these and further questions in 6 learning stations designed for pupils in lower secondary education. The 44 page kit comprises comprehensive background information and numerous master copies for worksheets.

The material has been compiled by WWF Germany within the framework of the PROWAD project and was funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Bingo Lottery. It is available for download in English, German and Dutch. A Danish version is in preparation. 

Single printed copies can be ordered free of charge at

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