Four Priorities

The aim and objectives of the North Sea Region Programme will be delivered through 4 priorities and 14 areas of intervention. They correspond with a number of key issues that the Programme preparation group has decided are important to address in order to contribute to the prosperity and sustainable growth of the region for the future. The emphasis is on stimulating transnational cooperation in ways that will provide tangible benefits to the areas concerned and the region as a whole.


The logic tree of the Programme provides an overview of the 4 priorities and 14 areas of intervention and can be found here.

Principles of Assistance

In addition to the priorities identified there are six Principles of Assistance that should be central to any project activity. Project applicants are expected to take these following elements into account when developing their projects. These form essential quality criteria and all projects will be expected to address these, reporting why they feel this is not required if they choose not to do so.

  • Transnational Co-operation and Partnership
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Territorial cohesion
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Additionality


You can find more detailed information on the Principles for Assistance page.


The North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 is designed in coherence with Community and national policies and programmes. Building synergies and complementarities with these will maximise the strategic impact of the Programme, by utilising the results of these or forming the basis for follow-up activities, such as investments.

The Programme encourages links to other territorial programmes such as the adjacent transnational areas as well as to cross-border programmes in the co-operation area (Interreg IV A) and interregional programmes (Interreg IV C). The Programme encourages projects to be evidence-based when focussing on territorial development and cohesion, and therefore to build on existing findings and knowledge of the ESPON programme 2000-2006 and establish links with its successor.

It is also important to build strategic links to other types of complementary European programmes and instruments, initiatives, and financing sources focused at assisting sector development or the improvement of access to knowledge, technology, or funding. An indicative overview of those policies, programmes and initiatives related to the North Sea Region Programme is available in Appendix 3.2 of the Operational Programme.

By ensuring coherence and complementarity, the Programme is designed to achieve maximum impact on account of its distinct strategic focus and through its position in the structural and regional policy environment, maximising its leverage effect.

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