Project Ideas

VB Societal and Technological Innovations at Urban and Peripherial Region


The spatial divide and the Demografic Change are becoming more and more a challenge for european regions, eg the North Sea Regions. The economic growth and employment are concentrating at urban regions, peripherial regions have to develop new strategies - eg. new ways of developing and implementing technological innovations.

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Ulrich Schenck

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Central Aim

The implementation of technological innovations needs a network of different organisations like universities and research-institutions, public administrations, employers, educational institutions and unions.

Comparing existing and innovative ways of developing and implementing different kinds of innovations will be the main objective of the project. Four aspects will be characterise the project:

- development and marketing of economical sites,

- Technology Transfer

- Consulting and building of networks

- Vocational Training and education

Envisaged Output

The results of the project will be published as reports with guidelines and recommendations.

Partners Found Already

Partners Sought

We are looking for partners supporting the cooperation between research-institutions and industrial- and service-oriented enterprizes.

Estimated Budget

Thematic Keywords
Innovations, Technology-Transfer

Lead Beneficiary

20 August 2014

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