Project Ideas

VB Schools and Covenant of Mayors


The project promotes resource efficiency in primary schools and home residences of children involved in the project.

The project works on various levels:

1. Awarness: we stimulate eneregy savings (both in school and at home) by developing a contest and educational and awarness-raising material. We aim for an energy reduction by changing behaviour of 10%.

2. Analysis: the analysis of various school buildings will provide a view on possible infrastructural adjustments that need to be made within the schools and - by extension- other non-participating schools. Entrepeneurs will be stimulated to gain knowledge on specific adjustments in school buildings and residences.

3. Financial opportunities. As most schools often don't have the budget to make big changes (isolation, solar panels,...), various ways of financing these projects will be investigated. Good examples (ESCO, cooperatives,...) will be communicated to the schools.


Anneleen Van Tendeloo

Tel: 003215448471

Central Aim

The aim of the project is to reduce the output of greenhouse gases by
focusing on behaviour change and infrastructural adjustment (low and high
budget), in school and with pupils and their families involved.

Envisaged Output

Concretise energy savings in schools and residences

Development of  tools for visualising energy savings, awareness-raising and educational material     
Platform for exchanging knowledge and experience between schools and families, accessible information for schools (best adjustments to be made, quick-wins, high budget investments, financing ...)

Partners Found Already

Thomas More/Knowledge Centre for Energy-related
research (a multidisciplinary research group that mainly focuses on rational
use of energy in buildings and greenhouse cultivation)

Partners Sought

Partners who are involved or responsible for school education (cfr. local and regional institutions …)-     
Partners with knowledge of financing high budget investments (ESCO, cooperatives …)

Estimated Budget
to be defined

Thematic Keywords
Promoting resource efficiency and environmental performance management in schools

Lead Beneficiary


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