Project Ideas

VB Sustainable (new) SME's


The project aims to (1) stimulate entrepreneurship and (2) promote
Corporate Social Responsibility (greening SME's).

The focus will be on various subjects:

  1. Offer easy accessible support for new SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) by initiating a (digital) business counter where startup companies (SME, commercial enterprise, self-employed  …) can get an answer to all their questions concerning permits, regulations, contributions, taxes, fees and so on. The business counter will also stimulate info sessions and networking opportunities between companies.
  2. Stimulate new and existing companies to include sustainability in their mission by organising info sessions and training programmes, communicating good examples, giving advice on sustainability, screening business plans, providing network possibilities ...
  3. Green business accommodations: existing tools for green business plots will be transformed into a global tool to choose the right business plot and adapted to various types of SME’s. This business counter will guide companies to use this tool and find their appropriate business plot.


Anneleen Van Tendeloo

Tel: 003215448471

Central Aim

The project aims to:

  1. Stimulate entrepreneurship
  2. Promote Corporate Social Responsibility (greening SME's) through:
      -Integration of sustainability into the mission statement/intentions of new and existing companies. Going green of entrepreneurships
      Stimulation of enterprises to choose consciously for more sustainable business accommodations.

Envisaged Output

A business counter (both physical and digital) in the region of Mechelen to support and inform enterprises which forms a unique point of reference of each manager.

Sustainibility will be integraterd in a training programma to guide start-ups

A public tool to determine the sustainable nature of a business plot

Partners Found Already

Partners Sought

Higher education centra active in stimulating enterprises

Partners with experience in supporting new SME’s

Estimated Budget
to be defined

Thematic Keywords
Green economy, stimulating SME’
s, bedrijfshuisvesting

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