Project Ideas

Project idea VB SCART


Seamless CARbonless Travelling in the Northsea Region SCART


  • Problem, making a trip in the Northsea region is simple
  • Just take up your key and carnavigation and drive!
  • A friendly lady guides you through a strange city
  • With one caruser you will use up to five times of CO2
  •  …. in comparison with public transport and (e)bike
  • But organising a multimodal carbonless trip is a hassle
  • Find your way in different sites or apps
  • Different payment systems for the legs in a trip
  • Different pre and local posttripservices
  • As user I don t know how to organise!  
With this consortium we will test different use cases in regions and work with different reasons to plan a journey:
  • Accessibility of nature resorts
  • Cities with good public transport
  • Rural areas with poor public transport
  • Area with a city and rural area
  • Crossborder trips Belgium-Netherlands and Germany-Netherl.
Business and societal questions:


  • Nature resorts do live from visitors but they go by car
  • Commutertrips are done by car and causes traffic jams
  • The alternatives are there but people don’t know it
  • Public Transport in the Rural Areas will disappear
  • This will cause social and economical exclusion
  • The extent of a 30 minute trip by ebike raises to 12 km
  • In combination with public tranport it is real alternative
  • Especially with new bike highways
  • Groningen/Drenthe and Niedersaksen has to  develop themselves to one economical region
  • How to present a crossborder  by train as a alternative



Sensor City

Arjen Rodenburg

Tel: +31 6 29558829

Central Aim

Key theme; remove all thresholds for people  for a personal change to CO2 friendly trips

Possible project scope:

  • Define all possible tresholds that people can bring in if you ask them to change to a CO2 multimodal trip
  • Connect different transport modalities to a personal full-fledged carbonless multimodal trip
  • Develop cut to size transport options that will be a solution of the usecase for each partner
  • Create for each partner a one stop shop solution in order to gain a multimodal tresholdless low carbon trip
  • Including integrated information and ticketing service pre-, on- and posttrip
  • Including reservation and payment afterwards options
  • Use Living Lab Assen with customers for testground



Envisaged Output


  • A SCART multimodal trip has to be as simple as a cartrip.
  • Just walk from your home, use a bike or car (P+R) to drive to the bus- or railwaystation
  • Or use a shared seat from an inhabitant of a rural village
  • Walk in the train and take a seat, drive to your destination
  • For the last mile, use a shared bike or seat
  • Get your realtime information during the trip
  • No payment of all the different legs during the trip
  • You will find your bill in your mailbox afterwards
  • Connect new technology in combination with existing mobility, payment and information services
  • Develop this to simple multimodal enduser service



Partners Found Already
  • Stichting Sensor City Assen: Promoting the use of the Living Lab Assen with real end users
  • Intercomunale Ontwikkelings maatschappij Kempen (IOK): Change car use from commuters to seatsharing, ebike public transport
  • Magicview Connected Products (partner of Sensor City Assen): Developing cheap technology solutions (IOT) for multimo. service
  • Province of Drenthe: Promotion of bike use in combination with bike highway

Partners Sought
  • Leeuwarden Culturele Hoofdstad 2018
  • Malmo (bike)
  • Aberdeen (bike)
  • others


Estimated Budget
to be decided

Thematic Keywords
Seamless mobility, multi-modal, last mile, public transport, bike, rural area, accessibility,

Lead Beneficiary

10 April 2015

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