On-Going Evaluation

Available Reports
The finalised and currently available reports from the on-going evaluation of the Programme are listed below and summaried in the Executive Summary:

The reports and other North Sea Region Programme Papers can be found here.
About the On-Going Evaluation of the Programme
The main aim of the on-going evaluation was to provide a platform to further develop and improve the delivery of the Programme, by better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current work procedures, and the effectiveness and relevance of the current Programme.   
The evaluation assessed the existing strategy, management and implementation of the Programme and suggested relevant amendments. 

Background in Short 
The on-going evaluation of the Programme was carried out between May 2010 and November 2015. The evaluation was carried out in cooperation with an external partner, DSN, from Germany. 

Three Main Themes
The Evaluation Plan was based on three main themes: 

  1. Institutional Capacity and Administrative Performance   
  2. Added Value   
  3. Publicity and Communications 
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