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At the moment we are preparing a programme offering training for new jobs in the building sector, focusing on innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship for the restoration of built heritage. This programme is to introduce new possibilities to young people. It will also offer opportunities for the unemployed. The formula is an on site work studio in which experienced craftsmen offer hands-on training on the job ("tacit knowledge").
This programme builds on the nearly completed Interreg IVB project NWE livinggreen, in which we participate. Please have a look at
We have experience with other European projects as well. We are a Non Governmental Foundation (NGO).

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Tjeerd Deelstra

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Central Aim

Enhancing and improving traditional crafts by integrating sustainability knowledge and innovative technology

Envisaged Output

A model on how to organise intergenerational training, leading to sustianble economic growth

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Thematic Keywords
Training, job creation, social cohesion, maintenance of historic buidingss

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08 February 2015

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