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VB Project Idea: Regional Freight Transport Solutions Information Portal


To foster the development of a seamless TEN-T networks as well as the application of green freight transport solutions in the North Sea Region countries, it is crucial to identify the appropriate areas that the regions can make the greatest impact and to foster cooperation to source ideas and partners for new transport projects in those areas. This will greatly increase the efficiency of project applications from the North Sea Region especially at the TEN-T network level. The project will do this by providing necessary information on cooperation and funding possibilities targeted specifically at regional bodies, bringing opportunities and ideas to live, matching stakeholders and showing good examples of success stories. The project will provide a solid basis of knowledge and experience on efficient and sustainable freight transport solutions, which will play a guiding role and raise the value and strength of the future actions to be developed for freight transport solutions. The project will thereby enhance the quality of the North Sea environment as well as contribute to economic growth by strengthening the role of ports and intermodal hubs.

The project has a duration of 36 months. The project will be submitted as a full application on the 1st call. 

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Central Aim
  1. Developing a comprehensive Toolbox/Information database with a long lasting impact to identify potential areas of investments and source ideas.
  2. Analysing and providing the most recent information relevant to TEN-T development within the NSR countries, with a focus on multimodal freight transport infrastructure.
  3. Advising and facilitating stakeholders to develop projects with a high added value based on well-targeted activities.
  4. Demonstrating the opportunities of investment into selected areas. 

Envisaged Output

The new project has its origins in the current operational project TEN-TaNS (which closes on 30th June 2015) under INTERREG IVB, which has been documented to be a great success and to have high value for regional stakeholders. With the new project, a broader and more wide-ranging approach will be taken to create a comprehensive area for knowledge and information sharing, regarding freight transport infrastructure development. The main activities of the project will be:

1.      Toolbox

The purpose of the Toolbox is to provide information on where the regional and local authorities can contribute to the TEN-T Network development within the NSR. The dynamic Toolbox will provide:

  • Overview of national plans, with a focus on different modes of transport, identifying needs and areas of intervention;
  • Continually updated funding opportunities under different programmes (CEF, INTERREG, H2020, LIFE) and their interrelation with the actions of implementing national plans;
  • Data repository for both current and recently closed TEN-T and INTERREG transport projects and their results with a dissemination function available to these projects for the specific relevant results.

 2.      Information and advisory basis

The latest information relevant to actors within the region will be provided. It includes latest news on upcoming events, current changes in policy development and funding opportunities under upcoming calls, so that the actors in the regions are well-oriented and prepared. First and foremost, stakeholders within the NSR will be informed about the changes in the CEF funding regime from the situation described by the current TEN-TaNS operation, especially when preparing for the 2nd Call of 2015 which is now postponed to autumn 2016. This change also means that there will be sufficient time for the project to analyse the results of the recently closed Call (26th February 2015) and use the information from submitted projects to prepare stakeholders within the NSR to make a much more efficient use of the CEF and other programmes for the next call applications.

 3.      Research into Practice: Targeting, Dissemination and fostering cooperation

  • Outcomes of past applications for funding will be analysed and regional influence on past calls will be assessed, thereby strengthening the understanding and sharpness of potential applicants herewith their chances to be funded.
  • Dialogue with the regions will be initiated and experience will be used for building stronger understanding of where the most common mistakes and weaknesses are or what should be addressed, showing dos and don’ts. Success case stories will be published at the website.
  • The project will provide a structured interactive matchmaking area (at the website or LinkedIn), providing the opportunity to discuss different topics (priorities), build connections for potential cooperation, share ideas and experiences.  

 4.      Demonstration and pilot

Chosen case studies from the TEN-TaNS Toolbox will be utilised and brought to the next demonstration level as innovative pilot projects. Feasibility studies will be made, addressing project’s investments, possible funding, etc.

 5.      Inclusive development

As a continuation of TEN-TaNS activities, a special focus will be given to remote regions and increasing their accessibility. Further analyses will look into the possibilities for tertiary maritime ports (outside Core and Comprehensive Network) in the North Sea Region to improve, expand and be supported. 

Partners Found Already

Partners from the TEN-TaNS project:

  • Denmark (FDT, NTU)
  • Belgium (Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works)
  • UK (Aberdeenshire Council)
  • Norway (Møre og Romsdal County Council)
  • Sweden (Örebro Region)

Partners Sought
  • Netherlands
  • Germany 

Estimated Budget
5-6 million EUR

Thematic Keywords
TEN-T development, sustainable freight, multimodal, stakeholders, information, guidance

Lead Beneficiary

16 March 2015

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