North Sea Freight and Intelligent Transport Solutions


The project addressed efficiency and effectiveness of the North Sea Region transport freight. To secure the NSR as a global competitor, the project developed an intelligent transport solution (ITS), which will improve accessibility, reduce environmental damage in the North Sea Region and enable the region to develop a dynamic logistics solution which is scalable across the EU.

As the main result, the project developed a multi-lingual electronic communication and data capture system for the freight supply chain to provide information to end users, transport managers, freight handlers about the conditions in the area that they are about to enter. Thereby the project aimed to improve efficiency, safety and security in the supply chain of the North Sea Region and promoted the development of efficient and effective logistics solutions.

01/01/2009 - 31/12/2011
3 - Improving the Accessibility of Places in the North Sea Region
Area of Intervention
3.3 To promote the development of efficient and effective logistics solutions
ERDF Grant
2.458.460,00 €
ERDF Equivalent
Total Eligible Budget
4.916.920,00 €
Lead Beneficiary
People United Against Crime, UK
Helen Parr;
Tel: +44 114 2758688
Beneficiaries per Country
United Kingdom
People United Against Crime
AVANTI Communications
The University of Hull, The Logistics Institute
Humberside Police
ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service AVCIS
University of Huddersfield, Applied Criminology Centre
The Netherlands
The Netherland's National Police Agency
Volvo Technology Corporation
Bremen Senator for Education and Science
Background and Aim

An electronic communications and data capture network will be developed into an intelligent transport system that will be placed at strategic positions in key transport corridors to provide live, up to date information regarding traffic flow, congestion, safety and security.

The intelligent transport system will initially be aimed at the freight supply chain and will employ the most relevant Information and Communication Technologies and equipment to transmit and receive data in a series of languages to lone workers as they travel throughout North Sea Region.

The concept of 'just in time' deliveries is an essential element in competitive business practice and this places heavy reliance on goods delivered on time, every time. Increased journey times, poor delivery predictability or loss of goods has a negative impact on economies and communities, causing significant financial costs to businesses and environmental damage through increased journey times and vehicle emissions.

The North Sea Region has a unique position in terms of goods transport and logistics in Europe, playing a key role as Europe's biggest transport hub and is at the heart of this economic activity. The use of ICT, telecommunications and data capture within the supply chain will help increase the North Sea Region's competitiveness in global markets and support sustainable economic, social and environmental improvements and growth for the future.

The project developed an intelligent transport system based on a multi-sectoral partnership and the use of ICT to enable the North Sea Region to develop a dynamic logistics solution, which was scalable across the EU. By investing in research and development and introducing innovative products and processes into the logistics sector, the project contributed to the aims of the Lisbon and Gothenburg Strategies.

The innovative use of ICT provided important opportunities to improve accessibility within the North Sea Region by ‘shrinking' real distances that exist between places and offering good access to facilities and information. It also supported the development of a knowledge-based economy and the wider use of ICT in businesses of all sizes.

A transnational and multi-sectoral partnership approach between the public and private sector enabled the wider adoption and use of ICT applications to enable the North Sea Region to further develop efficient and effective logistics solutions.

Results from the NS FRITS Project

  • Identifying the requirements of NS FRITS system users, sourcing data and recruiting relevant data providers.

NS FRITS engaged with stakeholders via seminars, workshops and surveys to identify key information required by system users. Results are captured in the NS FRITS System Requirements document. Once requirements had been identified and prioritised, data suppliers were sourced and recruited to participate in NS FRITS. This is documented in the Identification of NS FRITS Data Sources and Data Types document.

  • Development of a multi-lingual intelligent transport solution for commercial drivers and their managers

The NS FRITS system is available in six languages and is accessible by commercial drivers and their managers as they work and travel across the North Sea Region. The NS FRITS System Manual provides a step-by-step guide on how to operate the NS FRITS system.

  • Development of screen media which can be placed at key strategic points within the North Sea Region

NS FRITS screen media can be placed at key points along transport corridors providing location specific information to commercial drivers

  • Communication of the projects results and activities, charting success from launch to completion

NS FRITS conducted a comprehensive and successful communication campaign which raised awareness of the projects activities and results to a diverse target audience. The NS FRITS Communication and Dissemination report documents and evaluates the campaign.

  • Development of a transnational public-private sector partnership

NS FRITS created a successful public-private partnership which worked collaboratively to achieve the projects aims and objectives.

The NS FRITS system provides commercial drivers with relevant traffic and crime information on their smartphone or tablet

NS FRITS End User Requirements Meeting

NS FRITS Bremerhaven Pilot

NS FRITS End User Survey 1

NS FRITS Simulatior Trial 1

NS FRITS System Demonstration Simulator Trial 2

NS FRITS System Demonstration Hull Docks

NS Frits System Demonstration, Sweden

Diana Wallis MEP being interviewed by a television company on NS FRITS

NS FRITS Conference 2011

NS FRITS Transport Security Seminar, Rotterdam, Wednesday 17th February 2010

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