19 February 2010
NS FRITS Addresses Transport Security

On Wednesday 17th February 2010, NS FRITS hosted the fourth stakeholder seminar at the Golden Tulip hotel, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. All presentations are available on the NS FRITS website

The seminar looked at the varying ways of improving transport security transnationally and exploring the connection between transport security and NS FRITS.

David Ransom, Chief Executive of People United Against Crime (PUAC), the lead partner of the NS FRITS project, opened with an overview of NS FRITS highlighting the current position and the identified future steps.

Ad Hellemons, Director of TISPOL and AQUAPOL, introduced the need for improving transport security and was very well received by the 53 attending delegates.

This was followed by Professor Bob Hoogenboom's non-governmental approach to transport crime, which challenged the public sector thinking and methodology in tackling transport crime.

One delegate described Ad Hellemons and Bob Hoogenboom's presentations as "outstanding".

Rainer Muller from the Institute of Shipping, Economics and Logistics (ISL) presented Project Integrity which is based at the Port of Bremerhaven, Germany and is a key collaborator with NS FRITS.

After the lunch break Carlo Lautenschlager, KLPD, demonstrated the Transport Document System (TDS) who is a secured data provider to NS FRITS. TDS informs the users of the transport documentation needed for differing forms of cross border travel between EU member states. For further information on TDS please email

Chief Inspector Henk Graafland, KLPD, explored the possibilities of vehicle tracking and tracing.

Gerrit Schinkel of Wolters & Kluwer gave an overview of the freight acquisition programme Teleroute.

The final speaker was Hélène Minderman who showed the approach to transport security by Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN).

The seminar was well received by the range of delegates some of who described it as:

  • A "highly successful event, well attended - well done!"
  • "Good first impression of NS FRITS"
  • "Most informative - promoted some interesting ideas with scope for future development and further discussion"
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