North Sea Screen Partnership


NSSP sought to tap the potential of the creative industries (i.e. the film industry) to promote innovation and growth in the North Sea Region and increase the region's competitiveness in a global context. Transnational cooperation was concentrated on common challenges, such as marketing, financing and SME support.

The project aimed to tackle issues such as fragmented national markets inhibiting critical mass creation (developing economies of scale), lack of coherence and coordination of actors and actions across the North Sea Region, and loss of talents in more peripheral areas.

01/10/2008 - 31/03/2013
1 - Building on our Capacity for Innovation
Area of Intervention
1.2 Building the transnational dimension of clusters and research and innovation networks
ERDF Grant
2,767,894.00 €
ERDF Equivalent
187,343.00 €
Total Eligible Budget
5,910,474.00 €
Lead Beneficiary
Dundee City Council, UK
Julie Craik
Tel: +44 1382 432483
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Beneficiaries per Country
United Kingdom
Dundee City Council
Screen South
University of Dundee
Dundee College
Film Link
The Netherlands
Stichting Fris
Saxion university of Applied sciences
International Youth Film Festival Deventer
Saxion University
FilmFyn A/S
Tietgen Business College
Filmby Aarhus
nordmedia Fonds GmbH
Västra Götalandsregionen
The Norwegian Film School (Høgskolen i Lillehammer)
Vestnorsk filmsenter
Background and Aim

NSSP aimed to support the development of existing North Sea Region clusters in film/TV/interactive media sector through transnational working within and between clusters to build the capacity of companies, particularly SMEs, to compete more effectively and to encourage investment outside of metropolitan areas where historically wealth creation/employment has been focused.

NSSP aimed to:

  • Establish a transnational network and locations database to identify existing industry resources to assist production companies in locating and working with indigenous companies, as well as partner search for North Sea Region companies. It promoted the North Sea Region as a hub for media production through more efficient delivery of services to incoming production and improved productivity by indigenous companies.
  • Establish a business development platform engaging North Sea Region screen agencies, policymakers, business support agencies, educational institutes, research centres, media companies to network, identify best practice and deliver workshops and master classes to raise skills levels and promote knowledge transfer.
  • Raise skills of current and potential workforce via mapping/benchmarking industry learning provision and delivery of a transnational work and training exchange schemes.
  • Establish a transnational advanced research centre in media productions techniques to act as an interface between research and industry and support technology transfer to companies.

  • Visual Effects Research Network (VERN) research centre for the North Sea Region
  • Master classes in media/production
  • Business Development Platform for North Sea Region film/TV/media companies
  • Transnational Screen Office Network, Locations Service Database
  • Media Cluster Mapping to attract inward investment
  • Database on educational resources, work and training exchange scheme.

NSSP-VERL-Life Sciences

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NSSP-All Partner Meeting-Bremen Germany August 2010

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