13 April 2011
Future Talent

Students from Service Economist Educations across Denmark met business representatives at this year’s Service Economist Conference in Odense, Denmark in March. 479 students had the opportunity to meet the 15 business representatives who had stands at the conference.

The Service Economist Conference, now in its third year, aims to connect students and the service industry, and the conference is funded by the sponsors so that there are no costs for the students or their educational institutions.

Furthermore, the organisers also take this opportunity to offer new knowledge to the students through presentations from some business representatives. This year, among other things, the students could learn how to attract a good event and ensure its success. They were also presented with examples of two companies’ successful work with corporate values, which has created a foundation for a high level of quality and service.

Click here to read the full report by Gitte Vejlgaard, Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education, and also one of North Sea Screen Partner's colleagues at Tietgen Business School.

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