04 April 2012
Knight Knight

It all began one late summer weekend in Odense, Denmark. North Sea Screen Partners member FilmFyn had invited 23 writers and producers to a workshop in screenwriting. It was the fourth time the course had been ran; the film foundation repeated the success of the previous workshops by assembling creative writers with skilled mentors from Denmark, England and Ireland.

On the team was Nicholas Alexander Horwood, who in 2007 won a trip to LA in the Final Draft Big Break contest with the screenplay KNIGHT KNIGHT. Here he met Brendan Foley who was a finalist a few years earlier and who is now one of the mentors at the Screenwriting for Writers and Producers workshop. At the beginning of this year Brendan Foley invited Nick onto the workshop, where he also met Christina Bucher.

At the workshop Nick and Christina talked about Nick’s play, which led to further discussion back in London after the workshop. Christina was interested in a script they could film in one place; get cast and crew, go to a location and make most of the film.

Nick told Christina about his play 'Knight Knight'. Immediately she knew it was what she wanted to do. In order to get started right away she set up the next coming half term time in October to shoot the film. Christina then began preparing for the film, casting actors and gathering crew, costumes, and equipment.

Nick and Christina filmed the entire movie in nine days. Christina’s husband is now on board editing the film. 

'Knight Knight' is entirely self-financed. Both partners hope to sell it to the home video market.

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New and official (duration and credits) KNIGHT KNIGHT trailer.

'Knight Knight' was shot in three different locations in England by Hermit Film Productions

Watch this space for future information about the film.

The cast is:

Tom Eykelhof
David Wayman
Nick von Schlippe
Mingus Johnston
Claira Watson Parr
Christina Bucher
Jonathan Hansler
Alex Nowak
Klisman Murati
James Harrison
Henry Jameson
Mark Joseph
Ben Shockley
Isadora Bucher
Thiago Los
and many more...

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