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Waterways for Growth: Sustainable Development of Inland Waterways in the North Sea Region

Taking forward opportunities afforded by recreational inland waterways for the development and realisation of business opportunities and creating attractive places near where people live and work.

The project implemented a number of themed initiatives on business and product development, waterway regeneration and the sustainable management of waterway resource.

Matching Needs and Knowledge in NSR within Water and Climate Change

The WaterCAP-Taskforce accumulated knowledge and experience on water and climate change from multiple countries and sectors in the North Sea Region. This was gained through the former WaterCAP cluster project, and incorporated a new area of aquatic resource management covered by the LNS. The WaterCAP taskforce partnership became a comprehensive knowledge base for the North Sea Region and made available to stakeholders through the transnational taskforce. The project was used as a springboard for reacting to North Sea Region water needs for new strategic programmes as anticipated by the Europe 2020 Strategy.

WaterCAP Communication Hub

The WaterCAP Communication Hub project brought together the water knowledge, experience and expertise from the North Sea Region Programme 2007 - 2013 into a single web-based communication hub.

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