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Innovative Forsight Planning for Business Development

IFP established a transnational framework of cooperation to systematically tackle challenges regarding the competitiveness of regions in the North Sea Region in the global economy. Foresight Planning was used as a method, not only to link regions and selected clusters transnationally and plan for joint actions in the future, but also to find solutions tailor-made for the regions facing challenges related to the shift of the industrial base (decline, transition, and growth).

The project designed forward-looking strategies and concrete action plans based on applied Foresight Planning processes to build capacity for innovation. The public sector was considered a key partner for facilitating the processes of innovation, internationalisation, and creation of critical mass in the North Sea Region.

innovative TRANsport Solutions for Fjords Estuaries and Rivers

iTransfer (Innovative Transport Solutions for Fjords, Estuaries and Rivers) aimed to make ferry transport more freely accessible and sustainable, and encourage more people to travel by water. In areas in the North Sea Region there were opportunities to replace existing vehicle routes with passenger ferries. Travelling by ferry is more sustainable, easier and quicker. It can also provide lifeline services to remote communities.

iTransfer sought to better understand the market demand for passenger ferries and explore solutions to deliver a viable and sustainable transport alternative to road. This included developing green ferry technology to make operations more efficient, reducing CO2 emissions and other pollutants, and promoting greener transport choices. The project also looked to integrate ferry travel with other transport modes to improve accessibility throughout the region and provided guidance to streamline tendering requirements.

Improving Transport and Accessibility through new Communication Technologies

ITRACT aimed to improve the connectivity and accessibility of remote areas in the North Sea Region through the integration of innovative transport and communication infrastructure. The project focused on the development and use of novel ICT applications and brought together technology experts - in the fields of ICT, satellite, wireless broadband and sensor technology - with socio-economic experts.

iAge: e-inclusion in Ageing Europe

iAge aimed to promote and increase economic and social e-inclusion of elderly.

Until 2030, the number of people of 65+ increases more than 50%, which will have a significant impact on pensions, health care, the labour market and thus for the sustainability of communities. Comprehensive strategies and actions with regard to the labour market and meeting the needs of all ages will be crucial.  The increased use of ICT gains in importance to make use of the growing number of elderly, keeping them active and participate in social and work life, thereby increasing the regional and economic development.

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