04 September 2014
Registration closed - Project Dev. Seminar & Partner Search

More than 141 participants have registered to date and due to limited number of seats, registration is now closed. 

About the seminar
On 17th and 18th September 2014 the Secretariat is organising a Project Development Seminar and Partner Search event in Ghent, Flanders. 
The seminar is aimed at project developers in the process of creating project ideas for the new programme period. 

The seminar will take place in Ghent, Flanders. Please find the programme here. 

All available information on the new programme is available here.

Please see below for information about accommodation.

Expectations of new projects
The purpose of the seminar is to provide insights into the background and logic of the new programme and to explain the expectations new projects will have to meet in terms of content development, implementation and results orientation.

The seminar will highlight the changes in comparison to the 2007-2013 period and present the new elements within the administrational framework, in particular on simplification and harmonisation. 

The seminar will also provide an opportunity for project developers to ask questions, present ideas and meet potential partners from around the North Sea region.

Submission of project ideas
The project idea section on the website is now open for 2014-2020 programme ideas. Please use this opportunity to share your ideas with the North Sea community. Or, if you prefer not to have your project idea published, you may send it to instead.

There will be no special arrangements for accommodation.

A number of hotels are situated close to the venue within the area of Ghent Sint-Pieters Train Station

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