20 January 2009 - 21 January 2009

Seminar on Integrated Regional Development

Location Post-Plaza, Tweebaksmarkt 25, 8911 KW Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

The Transnational Cooperation Seminar on "Integrated Regional Development - Declining and Expanding Areas in the North Sea Region" was held on 21 and 22 January in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

140 participants attended the event. The presentations from the seminar are now available online.

During the first day of the seminar, presentations about current trends in integrated regional development and the role of the North Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 regarding the development of sustainable and competitive communities around the North Sea were given.

Beneficiaries of recently approved projects shared their experiences about becoming involved in declining and expanding areas in the North Sea Region.

Day two opened up perspectives beyond the North Sea Region Programme: Representatives of other Interreg programmes gave their views on the opportunities of integrated regional development in the European North.

The seminar closed with presentations of project ideas for the 4th and 5th Call and subsequent feedback and comments from the Secretariat.


Presentations for download:

Day 1
Sjoerd Galema: The Province of Friesland
Christian Byrith: Integrated Regional Development - Introduction
NSRP Secretariat: Integrated Regional Development - Setting the Scene
Mark Fleischhauer: Development of Strategic Projects for Transnational Cooperation in Interreg IVB

Richard Baker: Dealing with Demographic Change
Bouwe de Boer: The Other Way with Energy
Roos Galjaard: DC Noise
Jan Walburg: VRA
Tor Titlestad/Magne Haugseng: CA!
Glenn Millar: Waterways for Growth
Maria Wilding: MP 4

Day 2
Marta Slezak-Warszycka: Baltic Sea Region Programme
Kirsti Mijnhijmer/Christopher Parker: Northern Periphery Programme
Lindha Feldin: IVA Öresund - Kattegat - Skagerrak Programme

Sina Redlich: Project Ideas for the 4th and 5th Call
Rolf Oldejans: Re-submitting SURF
Eva Fabry: Re-submitting PACT

Jeroen Westendorp: Project Idea 4.062
Wim Stubbe: Project Idea 4.076
Magne Haugseng: Project Idea 4.082
Hans de Wolf: Project Idea 4.078
Michael Glotz-Richter: Project Idea 3.019

Please visit the Project Idea Section of the Programme website for more information about the project ideas.

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