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Fish Migration Day



On Saturday May 14, everyone can discover the wonderful world of fish and fish migration. At a variety of locations in 7 countries surrounding the North Sea, numerous activities are being organised. Visitors can see for themselves, which man-made structures form obstacles for migratory fish, and how fish are being helped to reach the grounds where they spawn and grow up.


International initiative
The international Fish Migration Day is part of the Living North Sea project. 15 organisations from the 7 North Sea countries work together in this project on achieving free passage for fish between fresh and salt water in the North Sea region.


There are many species of fish in the North Sea region that must migrate between fresh and salt water in order to survive. These include Atlantic salmon, sea trout and European eel, and also several critically endangered species such as Atlantic sturgeon and houting. Weirs, dams, hydropower stations and sluices are an insurmountable barrier. Water and nature managers are working to improve this situation, for example through the creation of fish passes and fish-safe pumps, so that fish can follow their natural journey unharmed.


Various events
Fish Migration Day takes place at different locations and in different settings. On this day for example, people can go on excursions, have a look at live fish shown in aquariums, receive explanations on how fish friendly pumps work and how fish ladders operate. There will be various fun and informative activities for families. Especially designed for Fish Migration Day colouring pictures will be distributed amongst many children, for them to decorate before and during the event itself.


Surf to for a schedule of events on Saturday 14 May.


Sportvisserij Nederland

Events happening in multiple locations around the North Sea Region:

England, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Nethelands & Belgium.


Fish Migration

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