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Fuelling the Climate - Specialist Seminar “Clean Urban Freight Solutions”



The urban freight sector is seen as key initial market for electric vehicles. Zero-emissions electric lorries are generally used in Europe on scheduled, regular delivery routes suited to electric vehicles' limited range. The vehicles are charged at the depot, which reduces dependency on the public charging infrastructure. Compared to diesel vehicles, electric goods vehicles are also highly energy-efficient in slow, stop-start urban traffic and on short journeys. Yet despite their suitability for urban freight transport and the environmental benefits they offer, electric vehicles so far account for fewer than one in athousand registered heavy goods vehicles in Germany. Unlike in Germany, clean urban transport solutions are common in many places elsewhere in Europe. What factors have facilitated the introduction of low-emissions transportin the North Sea region, one of the fastest-growing regions in Europe? What conditions and structures affect urban freight, and what specific aspects are relevant for electric urban transport? Does Europe offer best practice examples from which we can learn? These and many other questions will be addressed at the specialist seminar "Fuelling the Climate 2014 - Challenges and Opportunities for Green Transport: Clean Urban Freight Solutions" to be held on 22 May 2014. Participation is free of charges.

Aims of the specialist seminar
The specialist seminar »Clean Urban Freight Solutions« will cover issues
ranging from the European political motivations behind innovative, lowemissions freight to the challenges of and driving forces behind electric
haulage solutions in Europe, in Germany and in Hamburg. Solutions developed by businesses and research institutes and examples of best practice from major European cities will offer an insight into the potential offered by electric heavy goods vehicles. Speakers from industry, the research sector and politics/public authorities will present and explain key aspects of the core issue at various levels and from a range of perspectives:

• What tools are used to promote the launch of clean urban freight at a
   European level?
• What trends and developments can be observed within the North Sea region?
• What practical new approaches are currently in the pipeline for the
   Hamburg metropolitan area?

Our speakers will also outline specific, detailed options for electric freight in use, drawing on German and international projects in research and practice. The event will end by introducing attendees to the ways in which climate-friendly electric transport has already been implemented in a number of European cities. There will be plenty opportunities for discussion and exchange with exhibitors at the exhibition to be run in parallel with the seminar.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Berliner Tor 21 – Aula
20099 Hamburg

Franziska Mannke (B.A. int, BBA, MIBA)
Forschungs- und Transferzentrum „Applications of Life Sciences“
Research and Transfer Centre „Applications of Life Sciences“

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg / Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Fakultät Life Sciences / Faculty of Life Sciences
Ulmenliet 20 (Raum 0.37 / Room 0.37)
21033 Hamburg, Deutschland / Germany
Tel.: +49-40-42875-6324; Fax: +49-40-42875-6079

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