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Digital Agenda going local – Examples from the North Sea Region



The aim of the conference »Digital Agenda going
local – examples from the North Sea Region«,
which is DANS cluster’s final conference, is to
bring the Digital Agenda for Europe to a more
regional level and to show how activities implemented
in frame of DANS cluster can contribute
to it.
One and a half year after the project kicked-off,
it has delivered some reasonable results: The
DANS cluster »Good practice guide« which contains
the best of the good practices identified
by the Interreg IVB NSR projects E-CLIC, CCC
and Smart Cities as well as the DANS model, a
collaboration model for the implementation of the
Digital Agenda for Europe on a local and regional
level to further increase the social and economic
potential of ICT by promoting ICT innovation will
be presented. Furthermore, the results from the
online consultation among stakeholders of the
Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) which point to
challenges with regard to the current implementation
status in the North Sea Region will be
High level speakers will comment on and point
to various perspectives concerning the Digital
Agenda from a European but also from a more
regional point of view. Furthermore the economic
effects and corresponding requirements from the

business sector will be highlighted.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
Expo Plaza 4



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