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Flood Risk Management Conference – North Sea Region in Hamburg



This conference was organized in the frame of the European SAWA project.

Being confronted with raising flood risk due to climate change, uncontrolled human activities and human interventions into the processes of nature water management experts and other professionals have to develop sustainable and well communicated strategies to cope with a growing impact of floods on human health and economic losses.

Finding solutions to these challenging problems requires close collaboration between practitioners, scientists and stakeholders from public and federal organizations. Many projects are currently dealing with the same questions - real progress will only be made by sharing and communicating the experiences. This is what the conference intended to do and what defined the basis for inviting different target groups. Our program leaded through different aspects of the flood risk management planning cycle and aimed for contributions to a vivid conversation.

Representatives from about 20 organizations presented their experiences on flood risk management planning processes and other sustainable water management actions gained during the last three years inside and outside of SAWA projects. Our speakers can look back on many years of experiences and expertise and are very well linked on European level.

Agency for Roads, Bridges and Waters Hamburg (LSBG), Germany
Patriotische Gesellschaft, Trostbrücke 4, 20457 Hamburg

Conference proceedings and further information are available at


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28 October 2011

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