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Delivering through Place-keeping



In the UK community organisations have long been involved in the long-term design, planning and management of urban green spaces. In Sheffield, recent public spending cuts and increased focus on localism has raised the importance of partnership approaches to deliver the Sheffield Green and Open Spaces Strategy (GOSS) in times of economic constraint.

In order to continue successful delivery of the GOSS, key questions now need to be asked in relation to:

  • Who provides?
  • Who pays?
  • Who manages?
  • Who cares?

This knowledge exchange event provides an opportunity to reflect on delivery of the GOSS to date, and through a place-keeping approach, work together to ensure its future success. Join diverse stakeholders from the community, local authority, policy and practice to share relevant place-keeping knowledge and skills.

Whether you have place-keeping knowledge to share, or would like to learn from current practice in Sheffield, this event is for you.

Hosted in partnership by:

University of Sheffield
ICOSS, University of Sheffield
Sheffield, UK

Sara Parratt-Halbert

South Yorkshire Forest Partnership

+44 114 2571199



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