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Using service lists to manage information & gain customer insight - a Smart Cities workshop



On Monday 11th April 2011 Smart Cities and the esd-toolkit will host a workshop on the use of service lists to manage information in municipalities at the Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, London, England. This workshop will be particularly useful for people who work with or wish to promote the use of service lists at the local, regional and national levels.

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The day will provide an opportunity to see and discuss how local and national government people apply service lists. There will be descriptions of practical applications in the UK and Norway, with two afternoon workshops on information management and customer insight.

The Information Management workshop will look at:

  • Website construction
  • Portals and information sharing
  • Statutory services
  • Sharing service provision
  • Service re-design around an area rather than an organisation
  • Standard content and forms

The Customer Insight workshop will look at:

  • Life events
  • Circumstances / needs
  • Service user profiles
  • Baskets of services
  • Channel selection
  • Managing risks

The workshops will show how the esd toolkit works, and how esd toolkit and other instruments can be used to provide better services for citizens across Europe.

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