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Developing the North Sea Offshore Wind Power Cluster

As a direct successor of the IIIB POWER project, POWER cluster was centred on the development of a strong Offshore Wind Industry (OWI) cluster in the North Sea Region. Core activities included a strengthened stakeholder and business-to-business network, energy grid reinforcement across the North Sea Region, developed skills training courses (including higher education and addressing unemployment) and raising acceptance among the wider public as a basis for wider roll-out of wind energy installations.

The Port is Yours

POYO focused on maintenance processes, i.e. preventing problems instead of solving them, in order to increase the efficiency in the production process of the ports in the North Sea Region and thereby to enlarge competitiveness and innovation opportunities.

POYO strengthened and empowered networks to create an international cluster in the North Sea Region, thereby laying the basis for knowledge transfer on innovative maintenance techniques and the development of an EU standard towards certification of all maintenance techniques.

As a main result, four physical Centres of Excellence brought together industry/SME and vocational education to bundle knowledge and experience on maintenance issues. An action plan and a handbook fostered European certification on maintenance courses.

Protect and Prosper - Sustainable Tourism in the Wadden Sea

PROWAD identified opportunities and perspectives for sustainable socio-economic development in the Wadden Sea region resulting from the designation of the Wadden Sea as World Heritage. A consistent sustainable tourism strategy was elaborated in a participatory approach with relevant local and regional stakeholders in the Wadden Sea region.

On the basis of an action plan, joint projects were implemented supporting regional development and marketing of high quality tourism products.

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