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Living North Sea

The Living North Sea project solved problems surrounding the management of fish species, which relied on moving between the North Sea and freshwater systems of partner countries. These species were under considerable threat, some even in hazardous decline.

Living North Sea brought together representatives from across the North Sea Region in a project that would make long lasting changes to the way that migratory fish species, whose stocks were shared between nations, were managed in the region. The project created a permanent management group for migratory fish of these habitats, which would continue to work collaboratively, but also tackle decision making processes ensuring project results could be integrated in future policies on the national and EU level.

LO-PINOD - Logistics Optimisation for Ports Intermodality: Network, Opportunities, Development

LO-PINOD (Logistics Optimisation for Ports Intermodality: Network, Opportunities, Development) challenged traditional practices of freight distribution and offered a more sustainable alternative.

Through improvements to short sea routes, multi-modal connectivity between regional ports and their hinterland, and diversified port land use and operational models, LO-PINOD helped deliver social and economic benefits to communities and businesses across the North Sea Region.

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