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Green Sustainable Airports

Small and medium sized airports are crucial for regional accessibility and competitiveness, however at the same time European policies and national set strict environment targets. Green Airports aimed to develop strategies and solutions for a more eco-efficient, sustainable and green regional aviation.

Tackling the challenges of regional accessibility, sustainability and regulation, Green Airports was modelled to decrease green house gas and noise emissions as well as operation specific waste volumes, to increase energy efficiency and surface accessibility of airports by innovative concepts on public transportation.

As cross sectional objective, the project comprehensively focused on regional airport communication, regional cooperation and policy resolutions to safeguard the role of regional airports as accessibility gateways by improving public perception and acceptance.

Reduced energy use in the North Sea Region horticultural greenhouse industry

GreenGrowing strengthened the innovation capacity and competitiveness in the North Sea Region horticultural greenhouse industry and led to at least a 10% reduction of CO2 emissions.

The project combined a better climate control in the greenhouses, an improved use of novel greenhouse techniques and the use of climate tolerant plant types with ICT tools. Supported by intensive information strategies at the business level, GreenGrowing delivered cost savings and ensured sustainable production. The project created transnational networks linking SMEs, grower organizations and political bodies to transfer innovation and deliver a lasting impact.

Green Corridor in the North Sea Region

GreCOR promoted the development of a co-modal transport corridor in the North Sea Region. Important in this collaborative approach was the focus on secondary networks and the hubs, and the regional hinterland around the Green transport corridor Oslo- Randstad from a co-modal perspective.

GreCOR worked in close collaboration with public and private stakeholders, and its overall aim was to improve knowledge about the logistic needs and conditions, develop and implement the first green corridor in the North Sea Region in a strategic policy setting.

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