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Demographic Change: New Opportunities in Shrinking Europe

DC NOISE aimed at dealing with demographic change related issues, namely labour market, service provision and housing issues, by developing transferable action strategies in the North Sea Region.

The project activities included the creation of a transnational housing atlas which contributed to the implementation of transferable and innovative housing approaches and a regional level statistical monitoring system including demographic data and indicators, as well as themes such as ‘DC and the impact on the labour market for higher educated', the introduction of a ‘housing ambassador' approach and researching and communicating ‘day to day Information & Communication Technology for people with a mobility handicap'.

All activities contributed to finding mechanisms to reduce job, service and population loss and to promoting attractive regions supported by concrete measures to raise the awareness of demographic change in the North Sea Region.

Dryport - a modal shift in practice

The project's aim was to develop, design and set effective Hinterland inter-modal freight transport nodes - dryports - which were fully integrated with the Gateway freight handling systems, to adapt a public concept to a private sector model, and to integrated dryports into the EU Motorways of the Sea concept.

The project included the identification of suitable dryport land sites in the North Sea Region, starting a planning process to support the increased number of logistics hubs, assessing the environmental and socio-economic impact of improved inter-modality, developing a business model blueprint and the development and start-up of a IT system.

All project activities contributed to connecting the dryports with the short sea shipping system to shift interregional transport from road to sea.

Dryport was also represented in the MTC cluster.

Impact of Climate Change on the quality of urban and coastal waters

The DiPol project had the aim of identifying impacts and suggesting measures to reduce the adverse consequences of climate change that affect the quality of urban and coastal waters.

A tool, which illustrates the impacts of climate changes on water quality was developed and implemented within the DiPol project. By introducing the results into the level of European policy making, a long term impact on the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy was expected.

From Development to Dissemination
Digital Agenda for the North Sea: Orientation towards New Innovation

The DANS ON project aimed at disseminating how the DANS Model stimulates innovation in the North Sea Region by demonstrating how the DANS Model has been applied and implemented in practice. The DANS Model was a Quadruple Helix model that is especially suitable to innovation processes where citizens’ needs are central.

The partnership communicated the story of the DANS Model via a range of media channels and showed how regions in the North Sea Region can adapt the model to increase society's capacity for innovation. DANS ON consisted of partners from Sweden, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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