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VB Better Wetter for climate adaptation


Not only the applying low-laying region the North East of Friesland, northern parth of the Netherlands, is facing the borders of its own well known and well-developed water management system over the last century. For the long term it deems not to be sustainable and most certainly not climate adaptive. The North East of Friesland is a rural area, which also faces socio-economic challenges.

This region is keen on developing a sustainable landscape with future proof water
management. This means, that the region is aiming to develop new economical and ecological driven methods of water retention and water resiliation.

By developing, testing, demonstrating and implementing a series of solutions, the
area will be “built” with a number of building blocks in which both
waterretention and waterresilliation can be integrated in an area, and in which
way thus socio-economic and ecological aims can be achieved. This leads to more
climate resilience.


Central Aim

Demonstrate new and improved methods for improving the climate resilience (thus showing climate adaptive systems) on allocated project sites. Adaptation is based on
water storage and new business models (water culture, water tourism, local food
chain, wet crops)

Envisaged Output

-develop and disseminate knowledge on new ways of water management and spatial integration of climate adaptation

- developing and testing of adaptive
water management in regional water systems

- developing and testing of new
(socio-)economic drivers in very wet areas

- active participation of community and

- testing of adaptive water management

- developing and building of a regional
climate adaptive leading to a implementation of proven
solutions by number of organizations and a large number of organizations
informed about it. (organizations being both NGO’s and

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Noardlike Fryske Walden

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