Project Ideas

VB Project Idea: Transnational Port Cooperation Improving Coastal Bird Resilience


The project aims to address common challenges related to port and estuary planning and the management of Natura 2000 sites with significant coastal bird populations. Through sharing of ideas and research, it will develop a meta-population methodology in relation to trans-border management of biodiversity (focusing in particular on coastal bird population shifts and fluctuations) and will explore possibilities for joint management of migratory coastal bird habitats. In addition to the exchange of knowledge and expertise and the development of a novel methodology to support key stakeholders, the project will invest in strategic nature restoration measures, thus benefitting coastal bird populations. 

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Central Aim

The overall aim of the project is to reconcile short and long-term port planning with nature protection objectives. By developing an innovative trans-border meta-population approach towards management of coastal bird habitats, the project seeks to foster the protection of the Natura 2000 sites as a coherent ecological network while at the same time providing opportunities for sustainable development of social and economic benefits. The so-called meta-population model will be developed and employed to study the effects of port development on breeding habitats of coastal birds around the North Sea, aiming to improve nature inclusive planning by placing stronger emphasis on mitigation and trans-border cooperation, and thus reducing investment risks. 

Envisaged Output


  • Development of an innovative meta-population approach towards coastal bird habitat management, which could be widely applied to achieve nature conservation objectives by parties across Europe;
  • Development of solutions, with key stakeholder involvement, to better deal with displacement of coastal birds by exchanging information between regions within the same biotope but outwith administrative borders (regional or interstate);
  • Investment in nature restoration, based on the newly developed meta-population approach;
  • Increased transnational stakeholder cooperation in the field of nature inclusive planning.


Partners Found Already
  • Port of Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Port of Lübeck (Germany)
  • Port of Moerdijk (Belgium)
  • Port of Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Zeeland Seaports (the Netherlands)

Partners Sought
  • Regional authorities
  • Ports
  • NGOs


Estimated Budget
Around €6-7 million over the period of four years

Thematic Keywords
Sustainable development, ecosystem management, species protection, nature inclusive planning, build with nature

Lead Beneficiary

12 March 2015

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