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VB Fuel cell range extended electric vehicle van for zero emission deliveries


Developing and testing hydrogen fuel cell retrofitted electric vans with a range of upto 300km (electric van range  100km) to enable zero emission delivery of goods and services accross the North Sea Region.

Proto-type fuel cell range extended electric vans are being developed by a range of partner organisations in the UK led by Intelligent Energy.  The vehicles are  require market testing across the North Sea Region in a variety of locations and with a range of different operational conditions.

Engagment with customers and stakeholders is required to ensure a market ready and affordable low carbon van is developed and to provide local supply of hydrogen and other support services.

Each partner location would be provided with vehicles that would be trialled and tested with a variety of commercial and public sector opperators to enable detailed operational assessment and full understanding of potential customer needs.

United Kingdom
Holywell Park

LE11 3TU
United Kingdom

Keith Budden

Tel: +447557880959

Central Aim

To improve the competitiveness of the North Sea Region by the development of new local carbon fuel cell range extended electric vans that are manufactured, retrofitted and supported by businesses located in the North Sea Region.

To reduce the carbon impact of freight transport.

To improve air quality and thus health by the use zero emission vehicles.

To develop the North Sea region as a centre of excellence in the use and development of alternatively fuelled vehicles.

Envisaged Output
  • 30 proto-type fuel cell range extended electric vans being tested in 3-4 locations accross the North Sea Region.
  • Provision of data to enable a commercial business case to be developed to demonstrate market acceptability of fuel cell range extended electric van
  • Dissemination events to fleets on use of zero emission vans
  • Identification of local actors and SMEs to provide support for the wider utilisation of a fuel cell range extended electric van.  This would include dealers, infrastructure providers - hydrogen and electric, regulatory authorities.
  • Customer Value Propostion developed for zero carbon vans.

Partners Found Already

Fuel cell manufacturer and developer of range extended electric van

Intelligent Energy
Holywell park

Partners Sought

Local Authorities, vehicle operators, low carbon vehicle support services.

Estimated Budget
2-4 million Euro

Thematic Keywords
Fuel Cell, Green transport and mobility, Hydrogen, low carbon vehicles

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