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VB Farms as educative environment : exploring new potentialities


Farm education is embedded within a larger agricultural system in which several interpretations on the future of agriculture co-evolve. Analysis of existing perspectives reveals at least three dominant development models: market-orientated development , post-productivism and multifunctionality. Instead of focusing on the contradictions between these models or discourses we hope to use them as an explorative framework for developing and supporting different types of learning experiences on the farm. We propose to explore three farm related learning settings: a recreative learning experience anchored in rural tourism, an educational experience as part of a teaching environment and an emancipatory learning experience aimed at mutual learning between social groups.



Maarten Crivits


Central Aim

This will enable to structure and assess the rich variety of potentialities of the farm as educative environment and the farmer-as-educator.  We wish to couple a conceptual approach with a hands-on methodology by setting up an international network on farm education.

Envisaged Output

Through this partnership we aim to develop an accessible database of best practices, initiate several discussion groups between farmers and other actors (school, tourism, local government, ..), to exchange knowledge and foster cooperation and to set up experimental research on the effects of recurring farm visits.

As a result we hope to gain insight in how different learning settings can foster innovation both on farm-level as qua interaction with the direct environment . Here we will particularly address two interrelating factors, i.e. the feasibility (social, economic) from the perspective of the farmer and the required institutional support

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Both research institutes, regional networks on farm education as well as practioners.

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Thematic Keywords
Farm visits, educative environment, farm education, agricultural diversification, multifunctionality, rural tourism

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