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VB Healthy Ageing


In rural regions dominated by ageing populations there is an urgency for improving healthy lifestyle and new care concepts to facilitate a prolonged working life and/or the prevention from (early) care. In the transition phase towards ageing populations measures have to be taken to guarantee life quality for all. In fact, we need to accompany the transition from a ‘care-directed society’ to a society characterized by a healthy life style and prevention from care. To achieve this, new visions on care arrangements plus prevention measures resulting in a prolonged period of healthy life have to be developed. Organisational, technological and financial aspects play a crucial role in this. This offers new chances to entrepreneurs and may help regions to profile themselves as Health Regions.

North Netherlands
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The Netherlands

Peter Laan

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Central Aim

To find innovations that help prevent health care and cost reduction once care and cure are needed. Healthy lifestyle and regional transition are needed to ensure a long term guarantee of life quality for everybody.

The project aims for a best practice approach based on the concept of “living labs”, using the approach and infrastructure of the Interreg IV-B project Vital Rural Area. 

Envisaged Output

regional innovation concepts in the field of (prevention of) health covering

- healthy lifestyle (food, mental and physical activity)

- the use of ICT applications and domotics 

Partners Found Already

Belgian, Norwegian and Dutch partners,

Partners Sought

From North Sea countries especially from Sweden, Denmark and UK. 

Estimated Budget
6 Mio

Thematic Keywords
Regional transition 2. Healthy ageing 3. Healthy living and prevention of care 4. Improving life quality by technology 5. New entrepreneurship and profiling as health region

Lead Beneficiary

16 September 2014

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