19 September 2014
European Film Festival promotes cooperation in the North Sea Region

Under the motto "Sharing Borders, Growing Closer" hundreds of local events will be held across Europe in celebration of European Cooperation Day on 21 September, thus reaching out to thousands of people. 

One of the events is a European film festival hosted by the North Sea Region Programme and INTERACT IP Viborg.

The event starts Sunday at 12.00 at Øst for Paradis cinema in Aarhus with an introduction to European cooperation in the North Sea Region and beyond. Danish comedian Huxi Bach will deliver a sharp and fresh comedy show based on his take on cooperation, and four European movies reflecting the theme of the day will be shown.

To give visitors concrete examples of cooperation projects, North Sea Region Programme projects CLIWAT, ClimaFruit, North Sea Screen Partnership and Cradle to Cradle Islands will be represented on the day.

The event is open to the public and everyone is welcome. Tickets are available here:


More information about European Cooperation Day can be found at

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