18 March 2014
10th Call for Applications Closed

The 10th Call for Applications for projects under the North Sea Region Programme is now closed. Thirteen applications were submitted.

Next steps
Applicant Lead Beneficiaries will be sent a confirmation of the application as soon as it has been confirmed in the system.

An eligibility check will be performed by the Secretariat, followed by a technical assessment of each of the applications. The Secretariat will then make a recommendation to the Steering Committee of the Programme who will take the decision to approve or reject the individual applications.

Approved or rejected
Decisions regarding project applications under the 10th Call will be taken at the next Steering Committee, 3-4 June 2014.

Project applicants will be informed of the decision of the Steering Committee subsequent to the meeting and the outcomes will also be posted on the Programme website.

Read more about the Call here.

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