13 August 2013
Schleswig-Holstein adopted the PROWAD tourism strategy
At a joint meeting of the marketing advisory board and the World Heritage working group in Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, the strategy for sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination was approved. At the same time, the meeting underlined that sufficient resource must be provided to implement the strategy and action plan.

The meeting also underlined that tourism in the Wadden Sea region has a high economic and societal importance resulting also in a responsibility towards local communities and protection of the nature values. The joint strategy was regarded as an important step towards a better cooperation within the region and between the regions to create synergies and new opportunities. The meeting approved the trilateral approach to establish a Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination. At the same time, the meeting underlined that both, public and private partners, have responsibilities resulting from the World Heritage Designation, to implement the strategy, and supporting joint activities. A sufficient coordination and long-term financial support on regional and trilateral level was regarded as a precondition to be able to implement the strategy and action plan.

With regard to the action plan the meeting suggested to prepare a more detailed description of the proposed projects regarding contents, organization and budget. In principle, the meeting could agree on the proposed actions. It was suggested to better differentiate between external internal marketing and to explain in more detail how the actions should be implemented.

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