14 August 2013
Positive outcome of PROWAD tourism strategy workshop in Niedersachsen
Today, about 70 representatives from nature conservation, municipalities, marketing and tourism organizations, education, tourism stakeholders and transport companies in Niedersachsen discussed the strategy for sustainable tourism in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination. The workshop was jointly organized by the National Park Administration, Nordsee GmbH and the Lower Saxon Ministry of Economy and a follow up of the first stakeholder workshop in spring 2012.

In six subgroups, the workshop provided valuable input into the implementation of the strategy and the proposed action plan. In principle, the joint strategy was regarded as an important step towards a better cooperation on World Heritage within the region and between the regions to create synergies and new opportunities. At the same time, the workshop underlined that sufficient resources and an efficient work structure is a precondition to bring the strategy into live regarding both, regional and transnational cooperation.

The strategy will also be discussed by the National Park Advisory Board at a special meeting on 22 August 2013.

The results of the consultations in Niedersachsen will be compiled and forwarded to the next meeting of the trilateral Task Group Sustainable Tourism Strategy (TG-STS) for further consideration.

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