21 January 2013
SURF: publishes new toolkit for urban fringe management


A new Toolkit aims to inspire and stimulate sustainable development at the urban edge.

The publication, produced by the Sustainable Urban Fringes (SURF) project, focuses on successful ways to manage the often complex challenges that arise in dealing with areas where urban and rural functions meet and interact. 

The document looks at a selection of tools used by SURF project partners, who have worked to establish practical projects in urban fringe areas.

The Toolkit gives context to each area and project as well as outlining the tool used and results achieved. Each of the tools covered in the publication has at least one of a selection of characteristics that include:

  • communication
  • regulation and legal conditions
  • planning & design
  • financial tools; and
  • digital and online tools

The document was compiled by a team from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands as part of the Sustainable Urban Fringes project. The project recognised how these spaces can add value to the quality of life in city regions.

Compiled from in depth information, the Toolkit will allow others to draw from the project learning and experiences.

The Toolkit will be distributed throughout Europe and is also be available from the project website

The Sustainable Urban Fringes (SURF) Project is part of the Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme and is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


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