17 January 2013
Updated On-Line Changes System for Lead Beneficiaries

The online changes system has been updated, making it more efficient and effective for Lead beneficiaries to submit project change requests. The revised system is self explanatory and guidance is provided to lead users through the system.

It is possible to submit more than one change as part of a change request. A number of change requests i.e. a budget change and activity change can be packaged together and applied for in the same request.

Lead Beneficiaries are advised to check the FAQ on the Programme website for the updated information. Further advise can also be provided by the relevant desk officers in the Secretariat.

Updated questions in the FAQ
What happens if a partner drops out of an approved project?
What happens if an activity needs to be changed in a running project?
How do I register changes to my project using the online changes system?
What happens if I need to extend the project ‘completion’ date?

Programme website FAQ (go to Implementation and Reporting).

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