01 October 2012
Innovative new energy contract for Zaanstad

Building upon the knowledge of the energy market gained in the e-harbours project, the Municipality of Zaanstad has recently negotiated a new energy contract. The two-year contract not only lowers energy consumption and costs, but also maximizes the positive effects of the local Smart Grid.

Zaanstad has been working on its own Smart Grid for the charging of its electric fleet. Moreover, the municipality uses the renewable energy from their own turbines and PV-systems. These developments triggered Zaanstad to assume a different role in negotiating a new energy contract.  The contract supports the transition from consumer to pro-sumer, and integrates renewable sources in a smart way. The result is much more than just a contract for providing energy at a good price. The  energy provider is going to act as a partner that shares specialized knowledge in energy matters.

This is what the Municipality asked from potential partners:

  • Work with us to change our energy profile to reduce the energy bill (that had an annual value of about 3 million euro’s).
  • Be committed to reduce our energy consumption at a fixed percentage. A greater reduction is your profit.
  • Provide green energy produced locally. If needed, invest in enlarging the local production of renewables.
  • Help optimizing the trading of our renewable energy by using the smart grid.

As a result of the extensive tendering procedure, the relatively young company GreenChoice was selected as partner to enter this new energy cooperation adventure. The partners are committed to work in close cooperation on the annual reduction of the energy consumption (6% in the first year, up to 19% after four years). All energy the Municipality consumes is locally produced and 100% Green.  The grid operator is also involved in the cooperation, which makes it possible to use the electric cars of the Municipality as a balancing instrument.

Jan Scheuder, project manager of e-harbours, states:” The first data from the Smart Grid will be available shortly. We will get an online insight in the way the system is functioning. That makes it possible to start balancing production and consumption in an active way, and to trade surplus energy. I think Zaanstad, with this new energy contract, realizes all the core concepts of the e-harbours program. “

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